sarcasmcenter's Journal

My name is Amy Hintz. Not really, since it's not Amy Hintz who is writing this bio information, but the girl who writes in this lj (mostly) is named Amy Hintz. If you haven't befriended her yet, whether in real life or in the world of lj, you most definitely should, for she is most amazing. The representation of this girl portrayed here,publically, in this lj is not entirely accurate. Her words will blow you away, just ask Sheila Wertheim. Amy has an amazing abilty to create music with her words. Though some of that may be due to Word thesaurus, most of it is because Amy is just a genius. She is incredibly creative when it comes to writing poetry, music, etc. And what's in those works of art, you might ask? Well, you probably wouldn't understand. Her mind works in such an intricate, confusing as hell manner that even I don't get every word that comes out of her mouth. Confusing as hell, but I love her anyway, and you should too.

Amy plays lost of instruments, like ones with strings (but not bows), ones you buzz into like trumpet and french horn, piano, drums, kimbala, kazoo, you name it. She sings really pretty, too. She is muy musically inclined.

You will probably get along well with Amy if you don't suck. Basically, if you are honest, funny, not a complete dumbass, interesting, and don't have a heart of stone, then that's cool. If not, go die. Not really. I'm sure you could find friends somewhere else!

So yeah. Give Amy hugs and go on with your bad self.

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